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Staffing Excellence Always

Woman Owned and Operated

SeaHill Consulting Group is a certified woman owned small business focused on improving efficiencies within your organization.  Analyzing staffing needs, streamlining operational processes, and adding structure by way of policy and procedure are all ways SeaHill Consulting Group can help grow your business.  Understanding people and managing the process are what makes us stand out among our competitors. The personal and individualized plan we render to each of our clients promotes client loyalty and retention and gives you the assurance that your success is our top priority. 

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Staffing Excellence Always


SeaHill Consulting Group is a staffing and recruiting company with a mission to put the personal back into personnel management.  Work flow and process has changed and more companies are tapping in to human resource management firms to help them drive growth and success. SeaHill can show a company how to optimize their staffing metrics to create a competitive edge with the money-saving nature of managed contract staffing. 

Success is in the details; it's more than just something we say — it's the cornerstone of everything we do.


To be the leading staffing solution that gives our clients a strategic competitive advantage.

To lead in providing staffing excellence always through a high level of service and attention to detail.

Integrity — We aim for the highest standards of integrity and professionalism in all that we do; 

Priorities — Put people above all else and understand the clients business so we can place the right people;

Client Loyalty — If we deliver what we promise, give more than is expected, and are passionate in how we serve, then our clients will remain loyal;

Solid People —  Attracting solid people with our same values and mission will help us deliver an unforgettable experience for our clients and their satisfaction is the payoff for spending the time to search for the best;

Continuous Improvement — Do our very best, but always look for ways to improve on what we do.

What Our Clients Are Saying...


"Simply put SeaHill Consulting Group led by Hillary has proven to be an excellent resource and valued partner to our firm. Over the course of the past 10 years Hillary has proved great service to Wells Fargo, BNY Mellon in addition to LPL Financial.  Some of the reason that Hillary was the person you would go to when you had an opportunity that needed solving is her unparalleled ability to build relationships and consistently put a sense of urgency behind every project, while still maintaining the highest quality of work. When engaging with SeaHill Consulting Group we are assured that her keen understanding of our company culture and interests will result in solutions that align with our business goals and expand our ability to service clients. Because of Hillary's knowledge, efficiency and record of success, SeaHill Consulting Group is one of our preferred partners."

—Anthony Perkins, EVP Technology Product Development, LPL Financial

"Before Chris Callahan came into consult for my practice we were struggling to get the basics right in terms of people, process, and patient experience. Chris was able to quickly identify weakness within our current staff and assisted onboarding new members. She was able to organize the workflow in the office to better support our needs and cut costs. As a result of these improvements I have been able to dedicate more time to patient care. Chris is an efficient problem solver and has become trusted and valued partner to my practice. Chris has a gift of clear communication and understanding people. My office and team owe much of our success to Chris Callahan."

-- Internal Medicine Practice, Pennsylvania

 "Over the last few years, we have come to rely on SeaHill Consulting Group to help us with a number of initiatives.  Her experience around clarifying objectives and delivering a cohesive message has enabled us to win business we would not have otherwise.  We know we can trust the advice we receive given her years of being in the field, working with like-minded clients and ultimately her tenacity in delivering the best possible solution.  Historically, we have not chosen to work with other vendors to supply our services, but in this case we can unequivocally say we made the right decision."

—Dan Johnson, Managing Member, Marchon Partners  

"Having had the honor of knowing Hillary over her entire career and watching  first hand this incredible person start with high character and an incredible drive, it is no surprise to see SeaHill Consulting Group under her leadership be best in class! Hillary’s unwavering support, extraordinary work ethic, unapparelled ability to build relationships and relentless sense of urgency for her clients has created a company that becomes your partner, not your vendor.  Hillary delivers the best possible solutions and has become an indispensable part of what we do."

 --Rob Goodman, owner American Medical Concepts,  owner Synergy Medical Systems, owner Nepenthe Labs, owner Ni-Q

"Chris Callahan provided broad-based content area expertise specific to our specialized behavioral health practice. She consistently offered personalized and responsive customer service, guiding the start-up and implementation at every phase. Chris Callahan considers your success her success and it shows in every action."    

--A Non-Profit Human Services Organization

About Us



Hillary McNeill graduated from Oregon State University in 1993, with a major in Behavioral Science.  Since then, she has worked in financial management roles at companies including 13+ years at Atlantic Trust and Morgan Stanley followed by the past 4 years as a consultant with Marchon Partners and mTerra Ventures. Throughout her career, Hillary has acquired a strong skill set in all aspects of managing, nurturing, and growing long-term client relationships. She provides a wide range of expertise in a variety of areas including human capital management, payroll, debit cards, and private wealth management. This includes strong experience with business development, operations, trust administration, and portfolio management. Exceptional performer in demanding, multi-tasking environments, Hillary is results-driven and brings a high level of personal initiative.



Christine Callahan RN, MBA has over 22 years in corporate healthcare operations and has successfully assisted in the start up needs of all types of clients; predominantly physician practices. Chris aligns with the mission of SeaHill with her attention to detail.  She understands how to find the right credentials for a position and can identify the right personnel needed for healthcare positions at all levels.  Chris attended Boston College School of Nursing where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing and then went on to get her Masters in Business Administration in Virginia. Chris brings a great deal of operational experience to SeaHill Consulting Group and can help target areas where clients can improve efficiency and increase revenue.

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